Dona Fine Chemicals

We are a producer of high purity chemicals, on a scale ranging from grams to hundreds of kilograms. Since 2012 we have ISO 9001 certificate. Every year we successfully pass certification audits.

Dona Fine Chemicals

We are a small company but we supply clients all over the world.  We offer our clients high quality products and professional service. We are aware that customer satisfaction is the basic condition for effective functioning and further development of our company, that’s why we care for the quality of our products.  Business processes are our priority. We understand quality as the value that customers expect.

DONA No. 06-00006

2,4-Dimethoxybenzyl alcohol

CAS No. 7314-44-5
DONA No. 12-10001


CAS No. 670-80-4
DONA No. 06-00008


CAS No. 874-23-7
DONA No. 12-10002

3-(2-Oxocyclohexyl)propanoic acid

CAS No. 2275-26-5
DONA No. 06-00009


CAS No. 1139-52-2
DONA No. 12-10003


CAS No. 1516-96-7
DONA No. 03-40013

4-Nitrophenylarsonic acid

CAS No. 98-72-6

Welcome to Dona Fine Chemicals

Dona Fine Chemicals is a small, privately owned company established in 1990. Since that time the company has been growing steadily and its facilities are being expanded constantly. The list of our clients includes research laboratories, small volume commercial market and catalogue companies.
All our output is exported to U.S.A., Europe and Japan.
At the moment Dona Fine Chemicals operates two large scale development laboratories associated with pilot plant and analytical laboratory. Its main equipment are glass reactors up to 100 liters. The scale of production ranges from grams to hundreds of kilograms. All chemicals offered are typically 98% unless other specifications has been stipulated with customer earlier. Certificates of Analysis are enclosed to all our products.
As we do not supply our products from stock, we need some time to arrange synthesis and therefore estimated delivery time is being advised each time in our quotation. Except for compounds itemed on product list you can enquire about any unlisted chemicals you need and we can often supply you with them on a custom synthesis basis.
We offer prompt response and you will be not charged for trials. We accept also such a solution that intermediates are supplied by customer. In that case our price includes only costs of reprocessing. We assure our client that all these enquiries will be treated with complete confidentiality.